(Julius) Nex 2.0
Affiliation: Hero Factory, ALMIGHTY
Occupation: 2nd in Command, The Face of Evil
First Appearance: Invasion, Chapter 7
Last Appearance: Invasion, Chapter 10
Colours: Orange, White
Status: Missing
Home Base: Bedroom

Creation and Life: 2011Edit

Nex 2.0 arrived shortly before the guest star war was completed. Upon being built, he assumed the position of Fire Lord's second in command. When Fire Lord was possessed by ALMIGHTY, Nex remained as second in command. He is brutal, devious, and purely evil in every aspect; he has quickly become the greatest fear of most Bionicles.

Important Events:

2011 - Is built; gets a reputation for being cruel and evil; disappears into the time machine.


Nex has very few allies; this is because he doesn't really need them, seeing as everyone is scared of him.


2. Fire Lord


Besides ALMIGHTY, Nex is probably the most hated person in the entire mansion. If a character isn't listed under his allies, then that means that they're an enemy (to an extent).


-Despite the official storyline having Nex as a quiet member of Hero Factory, his Tahu vs. Tahu self is literally what the Bionicles now use as a definition of evil.