Affiliation: ALMIGHTY, Hero Factory
Occupation: Ruler of Comedies
First Appearance: Invasion, Chapter 6
Last Appearance: N/A
Colours: Unknown
Status: Alive
Home Base: Unknown

Origin and LifeEdit

ALMIGHTY's origins are unknown; it is suggested that he once had many brothers, as powerful as he was, who ruled things such as movies, books, and short stories. However, ALMIGHTY became corrupt and power hungry, and began to secretly kill his brothers, one by one, taking their powers and gaining control over their object. Once he had killed all of them, ALMIGHTY became supremely powerful, blessing comedies and ignoring everything else, causing a major inbalance in the universe.

ALMIGHTY slowly went insane, having no one of his power to communicate with. He created a comedy for himself to rule, one where nothing really ever happened... until the day. Long ago, in case he ever went insane and power hungry, ALMIGHTY had created a prophecy of a legendary hero who would travel through dimensions and stop him; that hero turned out to be the Vultraz from the Vultraz's Diner universe, dragged into ALMIGHTY's comedy unwillingly.

Realizing that his power was at stake, ALMIGHTY began hunting down Vultraz, though he was too insane to consider using his full power against the matoran. ALMIGHTY's comedy ended up being destroyed, and he convinced the characters opposing him that it meant the end of all comedies. However, they still fought him, and in the end ALMIGHTY was defeated by Vutraz and then killed by the matoran Jaller... or so it seemed. In actuality, they had only succeeded in releasing ALMIGHTY of his power; he could no longer play "god" with comedies; he was now simply a super powerful character.

ALMIGHTY's powers were transferred over to both Vultraz and Jaller, each of the matoran gaining half of his power. Realizing that they had become worthy opponents (and ALMIGHTY himself now sane once again), ALMIGHTY decided to ambush them and wipe them out, therefore transferring his powers back.

  • Spoilers: Check "Vultraz vs. The World: The Missing Comedy" to find out what happened before the events with ALMIGHTY in Tahu vs. Tahu.**

Upon arriving in Tahu vs. Tahu, ALMIGHTY was very weak, and unable to give himself a physical form. In order to form a new body, he manipulated the Vezons into creating blueprints for several creations; which, when destroyed, would form together to create a new body for ALMIGHTY.

With his new body formed (looking exactly how he had before, except three times as big), ALMIGHTY seized control of Hero Factory to use them as his own army, while he remained in the background, unknown by the Bionicles as he attempted to get his power back once again.


In truth, ALMIGHTY has no allies besides himself; however, he has had many servants, including:

1. Dark Vultraz (THMOV); Deceased

2. Kopeke (Vultraz's Diner)

3. Kongu (THMOV); Deceased

4. Hero Factory (THMOV); Deceased

5. Mazeka (Vultraz's Diner)

6. Globin (Vultraz's Diner); Deceased

7. Ibrow (Vultraz's Diner); Deceased)

8. Vezon w/ Fenrakk (Tahu vs. Tahu)

9. Vezon w/ Kardas (Tahu vs. Tahu)

10. Guest Stars (Minus Xemnas; Tahu vs. Tahu)

11. Hero Factory 2010 (Tahu vs. Tahu); Most Deceased

12. Hero Factory 2.0 (Tahu vs. Tahu)

13. Fire Lord (Used as a puppet; Tahu vs. Tahu)

14. Nex 2.0 (Tahu vs. Tahu)


To put it simply, if you're not ALMIGHTY himself, or one of his servants, you're his enemy.

And most of his enemies used to die before long, but since Vultraz's strike, that has changed.

Vultraz vs. The World: The Missing TaleEdit

In Vultraz vs. The World, ALMIGHTY was supposed to return during Vultraz's quest down to the center of Bara-Magna to hinder the Matoran's progress. After reviving several of his worst enemies, ALMIGHTY would've placed them in order down the tunnel, with himself at the very end. The list was:

1. Kopeke

2. Miserix

3. Vezon

4. The Toastie Makers

5. iBrow

6. Globin

7. Mark Surge

8. Mazeka

9. Dark Vultraz


Once all but himself had been defeated, ALMIGHTY would have been impossible to defeat; Jaller and Metus would have held him off while Vultraz made his way to the guest stars to save them and claim the ultimate power of comedies (the golden plastic spoon), and using it to his advantage to easily destroy ALMIGHTY. Afterwards, less than nothing, ALMIGHTY would then travel to Tahu vs. Tahu, where he currently resides.


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