With the release of Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath on the new BZPower forums, iBrow has now released the Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3. Chapter 4 is currently being worked on.

Plot SynopsisEdit

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Deleted ScenesEdit

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Original PlansEdit

Aftermath was originally going to detail the return of the Throwbots from the attic, and with Hero Factory completely eliminated. However, considering this situation to be too similar to the one in Invasion, iBrow decided against it.

Then, with the announcement of the Great Comedy Crossover, iBrow planned Season 3 to be Aftermath; however, it would be in the aftermath of the war ending, with several Hero Factory sets still alive, but the Bionicles all seperated living in their own groups after the disappearance of Tahu Mata, Lewa Mata, Tahu Stars, and Takanuva Stars.


  • The original title of Aftermath was Elite, describing how powerful the Throwbots had become in their ten years living in the attic.
  • The final title of Aftermath is a reference to the comedy Aftermath by Toa Zehvor MT, as well as having to do with the plot of the season.
  • The beginning of Aftermath marked a big change to the set up of Tahu vs. Tahu.
  • For whatever reason, iBrow decided to drop the moniker of Season 3 for Aftermath, making the season's title be Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath instead.