Fire Lord
Fire Lord
Affiliation: Hero Factory, ALMIGHTY
Occupation: Leader, ALMIGHTY's Puppet
First Appearance: Invasion, Chapter 7
Last Appearance: Invasion, Chapter 10
Colours: Gunmetal, Silver, Mata Red
Status: Missing
Home Base: Bedroom

Creation and Life: 2011Edit

Fire Lord was assembled soon after the guest star war ended. He was chosen by ALMIGHTY to serve as a puppet, and a back-up plan in case the Piraka Zaktan, famous for breaking the fourth wall, managed to kill him. As such, nothing about Fire Lord's actual personality is known.

Important Events:

2011 - Built; taken over by ALMIGHTY, and vanished into the time machine.


Fire Lord had several allies before he went missing:

1. (Julius) Nex 2.0


3. (William) Furno 2.0

4. The rest of Hero Factory 2.0


Because the 2010 Hero Factory line was so similar to Bionicle, Fire Lord immediately had them all imprisoned, hence why he is enemies with them.

1. Most of Hero Factory

2. Tahu Stars

3. Tahu Mata

4. Everyone else


-The personality Fire Lord had in the comedy was a personlity ALMIGHTY used to disguise the fact that it was him controlling Fire Lord from the Bionicles; thus, what Fire Lord was really like is unknown, and will stay that way, because the only way to get ALMIGHTY out of him is to kill him.