Lewa Mata
Lewa Mata1
Affiliation: Tahu Mata
Occupation: 2nd in Command
First Appearance: Civil War, Chapter 1
Last Appearance: Invasion, Chapter 10
Colours: Mata Green, Lime Green
Status: Missing
Home Base: Bedroom(Formerly), Spare Bedroom

Creation and Life: 2001-2011Edit

Lewa Mata was the second Bionicle to ever be built; as a result, he was named as Tahu Mata's second in command. Since then, he has dealt with many minor problems, and aided Tahu Mata in several issues.

Important Events:

2001 - Built, named second in command.

2003 - Helped Tahu Mata force Rahkshi into submission.

2004 - With the help of the Toa Nuva and Bohrok, made sure the Vahki obeyed the law.

2007 - Aided Tahu Mata in placing the Barraki in prison.

2010 - Helps Tahu Mata in the war against Tahu Stars and Hero Factory; faces the Vezons.

2011 - War with Tahu Stars and Hero Factory continues; Named as Tahu Mata's field commander.


Amongst the Bionicles, Lewa Mata has several close allies.

1. Tahu Mata

2. Tahu Nuva

3. Onua Mata

4. Kopaka Mata (Formerly; Deceased)

5. Pohatu Mata (Formerly; Deceased)

6. Gali Mata

7. Maxilos

8. Strakk

9. Zaktan


Along with having aliies, Lewa Mata has managed to make himself many enemies. Because he is in the field of battle more often than Tahu Mata, he may have more enemies than he realizes.

1. Tahu Stars

2. Takanuva Stars

3. Nektann Stars

4. Pridak

5. Mantax

6. Roodaka (Formerly; Deceased)

7. Irnakk

8. Vezon w/ Fenrakk

9. Vezon w/ Kardas

10. Von Nebula (Formerly; Deceased)

11. William Furno (Formerly; Deceased)

12. Meltdown

13. Rotor

14. Nex 2.0

15. Fire Lord

16. ALMIGHTY (Formerly; Vanished)


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