Tahu vs. Tahu has had one mini series so far, though in the future that number will grow, as the current (and first) mini series has been well received.

Brotherhood of the Time-Travelling WarlordsEdit


The stars of the comedy, excluding Ehlek and Carapar, who just suck.

This is the very first Tahu vs. Tahu Mini Series. It takes place in the year 2007, starring most of the Barraki as they build a time machine and have to deal with the consequences.

After leaving Carapar behind in the fish tank, the Barraki went outside and build a human sized time machine in front of the front door to the house. Upon receiving several hate messages from the future, Pridak decided to go to the future and teach them a lesson; all of the other barraki except for Ehlek followed, Ehlek himself fleeing into the house. Upon reaching the future (which, unknown to them, was the year 2020), Pridak discovered that it had been his future self sending the messages. After his future self was killed by Ahkmou (who had been trapped in 2020 for some time, though had entered the time machine in 2010), Pridak was knocked unconcsious. The other Barraki are currently fleeing from Ahkmou's group of Matoran, looking for some way to escape.

Stars: Pridak, Kalmah, Mantax, Takadox

Length: 4 Parts (2 Complete)

Notes: The time machine built by the Barraki ends up having several effects on the Bionicles in the future, culminating in aiding the removal of Nex 2.0 and Fire Lord/ALMIGHTY in the Season finale of Invasion. However, Tahu Mata, Lewa Mata, Tahu Stars, and Takanuva Stars were also pulled through. Their fate is unknown.

Tahu vs. Tahu: The TournamentEdit

Tahu vs. Tahu: The Tournament ran in between Season 2 and Season 3; it was a fighting tournament, set up similar to the NHL Playoffs; eight contestants from Tahu Mata's Army and eight contestants from Tahu Stars' Army were entered, all chosen by iBrow. It has four rounds; the Quarterfinals, the Semi-Finals, the Army Finals, and the Championship Round.

So far in the Quarterfinals, Irnakk has easily beaten Kazi, Takanuva Stars has defeated Nuju Metru, Maxilos has triumphed over Tahu Nuva, and Tahu Mata took out Tarix. The remaining battles are: Zaktan vs. Antroz, Lewa Mata vs. Strakk, Tahu Stars vs. Mantax, and Pridak vs. Ahkmou.

Irnakk, Takanuva Stars, Maxilos, and Tahu Mata have all advanced to the Semi-Finals so far.

Stars: None (Irnakk, Maxilos, Tahu Mata, & Tahu Stars expected)

Length: 6 Chapters (2 Complete)

Notes: This Mini Series ran alongside Brotherhood of the Time-Travelling Warlords between the conclusion of Invasion and the beginning of Aftermath; it is also the first in a series of spin-off tournaments, the second of which may feature characters voted on by the fans.