Affiliation: Tahu Stars
Occupation: Barraki Leader
First Appearance: Civil War, Chapter 2
Last Appearance: N/A
Colours: White, Black, Mata Red
Status: Alive
Home Base: Bedroom(Formerly), Kitchen

Creation and Life: 2007-2011Edit

Pridak was the third Barraki to be built; however, he managed to make sure the other Barraki knew that he was in charge. Soon after the Barraki were all built, Pridak had them build a time machine, which most of them ended up going through. Upon returning they attempted to take control of the Bionicles, and were placed in jail by Tahu Mata. In 2010, Tahu Stars freed them and Pridak has become less of an actual threat and more of a troublemaker, providing helpings of comedy that wouldn't be seen without him.

Important Events:

2007 - Built; Builds the time machine and leads the other Barraki through it. Upon returning, fails to take control of the Bionicles and is thrown in jail.

2010 - Is released from jail by Tahu Stars, and immediately begins making him regret it.

2011 - Reveals the time machine to Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars, prompting them to try and use it to get rid of Fire Lord, possessed by ALMIGHTY.


Pridak mostly annoys people, but he has managed to get himself a group of secure allies that he could (possibly) trust.

1. Tahu Stars

2. Mantax

3. Irnakk

4. Kazi

5. Takanuva Stars


Pridak has far more enemies then friends; thus, the big question is how he hasn't died yet.

1. Tahu Mata

2. Lewa Mata

3. Kalmah

4. Vultraz

5. Ahkmou

6. Maxilos

7. Hydraxon

8. Tahu Nuva

9. Vezon w/ Fenrakk

10. Vezon w/ Kardas

11. Von Nebula (Formerly; Deceased)

12. Nex 2.0

13. Fire Lord

14. ALMIGHTY (Formerly; Vanished)


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