The Tahu vs. Tahu PSAs have so far covered a wide variety of subjects in a few chapters; look below for a synopsis of each

PSA #1 - Villain InterviewsEdit

In this PSA, Tahu Mata, Tahu Stars, Dekar, and Ahkmou all interviewed several characters, to try and decide who would be the main villain of season two. Characters interviewed were:

-William Furno and Von Nebula of Hero Factory

-Takutanuva and Irnakk

-Torch of the Throwbots

Notes: Of the four interviewers, only Dekar has not starred in anything since; Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars are the main characters of the comedy, and Ahkmou has starred in one special and a miniseries.

PSA #2 - SPAMEdit

In the second Tahu vs. Tahu PSA, Lewa Mata and Pohatu Nuva had a lesson about spam; they described how to recognize it, tried to explain why people would spam, and listed ways to stop it. The ten ways to recognize spam (as written by Lewa Mata) were:

1.The title is either gibberish, can’t be understood, or can be considered offensive.

2.The comedy has terrible punctuation, numerous spelling errors, no plotline, and the characters are non-existent.

3.The author has recently made several SPAM topics.

4.The author is eagerly supported by those who have either supported spam in the past, are close friends with the author, follow the author around (stalkers), or have knowingly written SPAM themselves.

5.Those supporting the SPAM feel the need to start flame wars with those who critique the SPAM.

6.Those who SPAM feel the need to over-think arguments and also feel the need to pointlessly defend every single letter of every single SPAMMY word that the author wrote.

7.The topic receives dozens of replies within days where other comedies go dry for years because so many people hate it because it is SPAM, but each critique is met with at least seven comments from SPAM supporters saying how good it is.

8.The SPAM is either repeatedly reposted, or repeatedly receives equally SPAMMY sequels.

9.Lots of flame wars start between those who love SPAM and those who hate SPAM.

10.Many members get docked proto energy or are proto zapped and banned because the SPAM completely SPAMMED up their lives.

Notes: This PSA was made in response to a comedy called "Curse You Greg", which iBrow felt was being given far too much positive attention at the time.

PSA #3 - The MatausEdit

The only incorrect PSA so far; it was pretty much an advertisement for the CCC Awards, though they were called The Golden Haus, not The Mataus. It just explained the Awards and asked the readers to vote for Tahu vs. Tahu.

Notes: None.

PSA #4 - Q & A With the TahusEdit

One of the few times where both Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars have been seen together without trying to kill each other, though this was one of the less peaceful ones. Both worked together to answer several questions asked by the readers, often taking the readers' words out of context.

Notes: None.