Season 1 - Civil War

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Plot SynopsisEdit

In season 1, it begins with a short prologue of ten years ago; Tahu Mata is the very first Bionicle to ever be opened, and is thus voted to be the leader of the Bionicles.

Ten years later, Bionicle is ending and the Stars series arrives; upon discovering several remakes, many Bionicles are disapointed (Gresh, the Skrall, and Takanuva mostly), while Tahu Mata fears a rebellion from Tahu Stars, his remake. Moments after being opened, Tahu Stars attempts to take control of the Bionicles, creating the first conflict between the two sides. Aftwerwards, half of the old Bionicles join the Stars series in fighting Tahu Mata, hurting him deeply.

After several more conflicts in which many of the Rahkshi are killed (most of the Turahk who were killed by a wounded Nidhiki), Tahu Mata sends the Toa Nuva and Maxilos to the basement, to try and recruit the two Vezons; meanwhile, Nektann takes some Skrall Stars to do the same, and Roodaka and Umbra are sent to ambush the Toa Nuva.

The Toa Nuva and Maxilos defeat Roodaka, Umbra, and around thirty rahkshi easily before proceeding to the basement, where they find the Vezons attacking the Stars. Upon beginning battle, they discover that the Vezons have successfully managed, after four years, to make creations out of the fallen Bionicles; these creations go wild, leaving the Toa Nuva in need of immediate back up.

Both Antroz sets (one with the Jetrax T6) are deployed to help them, as well as two Toa Hordika. Both Toa Hordika are killed in the battle, followed by one of the Antroz sets and the Jetrax. Upon managing to defeat both the creations and the Vezons, the Toa Nuva make their way back to the Spare Bedroom.

Meanwhile, Nuju Metru, with a broken limb, is replaced by a used set bought on eBay, who is missing some pieces. The old Nuju Metru is thrown out into the snow, while the new one attempts a grasp at power himself. Pridak leads a team, successfully finding the old Nuju Metru, while Tahu Stars and Matau Metru defeat the replacement, who is then killed by Irnakk who takes him apart piece by piece. He is then used to mend the window, while the old Nuju Metru, his leg restored, settles back into life.

During the final battle of Season 1, Maxilos finds himself battling both Roodaka and Takanuva Mistika (a titan). As he begins to lose, they are interrupted by the arrival of Von Nebula, leading the brand new (and powerful) Hero Factory line into battle against the Bionicles. Roodaka is torn apart by Von Nebula, while Takanuva Mistika manages to get out of the way, leaving Maxilos to be repeatedly smashed around.

Meanwhile, Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars are battling on the bed; it is so far a draw when William Furno interrupts the battle, easily beating and nearly killing both Toa. However, as Von Nebula calls a retreat to the Hero Factory forces, Furno leaves them with an ominous warning before departing. It is discovered that Maxilos managed to survive Von Nebula's onslaught, haveing had several of his pieces glued together a year ago when they began to crack.

Tahu Stars leads his army in search of a different room to inhabit, as Hero Factory has laid claim to the Bedroom; Tahu Mata tries to re-organize his army, and begins preparations for another attack from Hero Factory.

Deleted ScenesEdit

“Sir?” Takanuva called.

“What is it?” Tahu Mata asked as the Toa of light approached.

“Zaktan and Avak report movement in the bedroom; looks like an army is coming.” Takanuva reported.

“Get ready.”

-Tahu Mata and Takanuva, Chapter 10 (First Draft)

Takanuva Mistika stepped out of the shadows; a moment later, an Exo-Toa crashed into him, controlled by Lewa Mata.

“No, don’t fall off the bed!” the Toa Mata of air screeched. “NOOOO!”

A large crash could be heard a second later. Both Tahu’s glanced at each other for a split second before bursting into laughter at their teammate’s stupidity.

Meanwhile, Lewa stood to his feet using the Exo-Toa, grumbling to himself. He’d hardly even done a check up before Takanuva Mistika crashed into him, sending him tumbling into the dresser. The right arm of the Exo-Toa fell off, leaving Lewa Mata to grab for his axe.

“This thing falls apart so easily.” He muttered.

“Never fear, Lewa!” Onua Mata shouted. “We’re here!”

Takanuva turned at the voice, and his eyes narrowed; Gali and Onua Mata had also gotten into Exo-Toa of their own, and were charging towards them.

“You think I will not receive help?” Takanuva Mistika laughed.

A split second later, the Special Edition Jetrax T6 slammed into him, flying him into the door; several chunks of the titan fell apart, and he collapsed to the ground.

However, with a scream, Antroz v2 leapt out of the cockpit, as the impact caused the Special Jetrax to fold and shatter. He jumped straight into the hands of Irnakk, who instantly crushed him before turning to go pulverize someone else.

-Lewa Mata, Onua Mata, and Gali Mata using Exo-Toa against Takanuva Mistika before the titan Toa battled Maxilos. (Chapter 10, Draft 1)

Character AllianceEdit

==Tahu Mata’s Side – Debut – Death ==


Tahu Mata (Leader) – Chapter 1

Lewa Mata (2nd in Command) – Chapter 1

Turaga Onewa – Chapter 1

Turaga Matau – Chapter 1

Pohatu Mata – Chapter 3 – Chapter 3

Kopaka Mata – Chapter 3 – Chapter 3

Onua Mata – Chapter 3

Gali Mata – Chapter 3

Akamai – Chapter 3 – Chapter 3 (Death of Pohatu)

Wairuha – Chapter 3 – Chapter 3 (Death of Kopaka)


Tahu Nuva – Chapter 3

Lewa Nuva – Chapter 3

Gali Nuva – Chapter 3

Pohatu Nuva – Chapter 3

Onua Nuva – Chapter 3

Kopaka Nuva – Chapter 3

Akamai Nuva – Chapter 5


Takanuva – Chapter 1

Makuta – Chapter 9


Nidhiki – Chapter 2

Krekka – Chapter 2


Nuju Hordika – Chapter 1 – Chapter 3

Matau Hordika – Chapter 3 – Chapter 3

Whenua Hordika – Chapter 5

Nokama Hordika – Chapter 5 – Chapter 6

Vakama Hordika – Chapter 5


Vezok – Chapter 1

Zaktan – Chapter 1

Avak – Chapter 1

Nuparu Inika – Chapter 1

Hakann – Chapter 2


Lesovikk – Chapter 2

Hydraxon – Chapter 2

Maxilos & Spinax – Chapter 3

Dekar – Chapter 7


Pohatu Mistika w/ Rockoh T3 – Chapter 2

Lewa Mistika w/ Axalara T9 – Chapter 3

Icarax – Chapter 3

Vamprah – Chapter 3

Bitil – Chapter 3

Chirox – Chapter 3

Mutran – Chapter 3

Antroz w/ Jetrax T6 – Chapter 5 – Chapter 6

Antroz Phantoka – Chapter 5

Antroz v2 w/ Jetrax T6 Special Edition – Chapter 7 – Chapter 10


Gresh – Chapter 1


Skrall Stars (#s 14 & 15) – Chapter 5

== Tahu Stars’ Side – Debut – Death ==


Tahu Stars (Leader) – Chapter 1

Takanuva Stars (2nd in Command) – Chapter 1

Piraka [Nektann] Stars – Chapter 1

Rahkshi Stars (#s 1-14) – Chapter 1

Skrall Stars (#s 1-5) – Chapter 1

Gresh Stars – Chapter 1


Perditus w/ Thornatus V9 – Chapter 4


Takanuva Mistika – Chapter 1

Tahu Mistika – Chapter 1

Kopaka Phantoka – Chapter 3

Lewa Phantoka – Chapter 3 – Chapter 3

Onua Mistika – Chapter 3

Gali Mistika – Chapter 3

Pohatu Phantoka – Chapter 3 – Chapter 3


Pridak – Chapter 2

Mantax – Chapter 8


Kazi – Chapter 1

Umbra – Chapter 4 – Chapter 9

Irnakk – Chapter 8

Brutaka – Chapter 9


Roodaka – Chapter 4 – Chapter 10

Sidorak – Chapter 7 – Chapter 7


Ahkmou – Chapter 1

Matau Metru – Chapter 1

Nuju Metru – Chapter 3

Nuju Metru v2 – Chapter 7 – Chapter 9


Panrahk (#s 1-9) – Chapter 1

Turahk (#s 1-13) –Chapter 2

Guurahk (#s 1-15) – Chapter 4

Lerahk (#s 1-9) – Chapter 4

Vorahk (#s 1-19) – Chapter 8

Kurahk (#s 1-14) – Chapter 8

== Unknown Allegiance ==


Takutanuva – Chapter 9


Vezon & Fenrakk – Chapter 4

Vezon & Kardas – Chapter 5


Von Nebula – Chapter 10

William Furno – Chapter 10

Guest Stars

Archmaster – v1 Chapter 5 – Chapter 6

Flynn – v1 Chapter 5 – Chapter 6

Zeskii – v1 Chapter 5 – Chapter 6

Biobeast99 – v1 Chapter 6 – Chapter 6


-Chapter 10 of Civil War marks the first time any chapter in Tahu vs. Tahu has had more than one draft written.