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Season 2 - Invasion

The banner for Invasion: Episode 1, done by BZP member Cherixon.

As Invasion opens, it is revealed that Hero Factory recently staged an unsuccessful raid on Tahu Mata, where Preston Stormer, Dunkan Bulk, and Jimi Stringer were captured; the whereabouts of Tahu Stars are unknown. As Tahu Mata sends a team to go looking for Tahu Stars, Rotor and Meltdown arrive to try and save the Alpha Team heroes. They overpower Onua Mata, Strakk, and Gali Mata, but are nearly defeated by Zaktan and his Bohrok; Zaktan is seemingly killed in the process, though he somehow returns to life anyway.

Preston Stormer is left behind, as the others return to the Bedroom. Meanwhile, Von Nebula has several of the Hero Factory villains assembling creations from blueprints left behind by the Vezons....

Later on, Lewa Mata, Tarix, Gelu, and Malum reach the Kitchen, where Tahu Stars' army has taken up residence. The two groups immediately clash, though are interrupted when Von Nebula is sent through the ceiling by the mega creation Flynn, who begins leading the other creations on a rampage. The guest stars begin attacking Tahu Stars' army, while Lewa Mata's group manages to escape.

Upon arriving back at the Spare Bedroom, Lewa Mata is sent back with Tahu Nuva to lead half of the army into the battle; elsewhere in the room, Kapurkar and Agent 324 begin duelling each other; 324's random portals end up working against them both, until Kapurkar finally manages to kill his opponent, travelling down to the Kitchen on his own.

Lewa Mata and Tahu Nuva are stopped by Biobeast, who threatens to destroy them; he is stopped by the arrival of Zeskii, and the two begin battling. During the battle, the ceiling is busted above them as Pridak and Mantax fall through, followed by Sonicboom, who is trying to eat them. The impact causes the floor to cave in, and the entire group falls down into the basement.

Meanwhile, when Kapurkar arrives in the Kitchen, he finds Flynn nearly dead, about to be finished off by Hero Factory. Using his powers, he attempts to cause a crash between the Cendox V1 and the Dropship, though Rotor sabotages the Hero Factory vehicle, making it fall though the air and into Kapurkar, killing him.

Flynn then wakes up, in time to see Tahu Stars successfully take down ToaDude and Lewa #1, before leading the Rahkshi Kaita Vo behind him as he flees. He then kills Sonicboom as the guest star flees the basement, and watches as Zeskii takes down Biobeast; in revenge Zeskii is immediately killed by Flynn, leaving Flynn the only creation alive.

However, a new guest star attacks him, and Flynn is surrounded by Hero Factory, who sides with the newly arrived Xemnas. Knowing he is outnumbered, Flynn activates a self-destruct, successfully destroying most of Hero Factory, and injuring the rest, along with Xemnas. As Flynn becomes spare parts, all of the dead guest stars combine to form the fearsome being ALMIGHTY, the former ruler of Comedies. ALMIGHTY is twice as large as Flynn was, and Flynn's foot was the same size as Von Nebula.

ALMIGHTY takes control of Hero Factory, Xemnas, and the Vezons, whom he sends to build the Hero Factory 2.0 series... to help him take control of the house himself.

Season 2 - Invasion Episode 2

The Invasion: Episode 2 banner, made by BZP member Cherixon.

As Episode 2 begins, it is revealed that the Vezons completed the 2.0 series; they are all loyal to ALMIGHTY. Fire Lord is chosen by ALMIGHTY to be his puppet; the real ALMIGHTY disappears, and he begins controlling Fire Lord. Nex 2.0, the most brutal, violent, and evil set to ever step foot in the house, is selected as his second in command; after a brief spat with Xemnas, the guest star is killed along with Furno 2010. Tahu Stars and Tahu Mata are caught spying by Nex 2.0, and he begins to execute them.

Meanwhile, Strakk is assigned Tarix, Gelu, and Karzahni as a team to go searching for Tahu Mata, Zaktan, and Lewa Nuva (each of them three seperate missions). Karzahni is about to beat him up when Tahu Stars arrives, and the titan begins to have a conversation with him. When Strakk interrupts, Karzahni flings him across the room.

In the kitchen, Tahu Mata finishes telling Iruini Hagah and Norik Hagah how he and Tahu Stars escaped Nex 2.0 using Rotor, only for the two special edition sets to question why he just told them the ending. Tahu Mata then causes both of them to die via the coffee pot on the counter when they attempt to arrest him; he's about to make his escape when Irnakk comes up behind him, deciding to eat him.

In Chapter 9, Tahu Mata repeatedly goes through flase awakenings, being captured or killed in each of them by Irnakk and Takanuva Stars. Upon finally "awakening" to the real world, he finds out that Irnakk punched him into the fifth dimension, and that him losing miserably was a "vast understatement". Meanwhile, Tahu Stars dumps a defeated Karzahni into the garbage can; then Strakk, Gelu, and Tarix enter the kitchen. They are saved from Irnakk and Takanuva Stars by the arrival of Zaktan, who turns into cloud form and takes to the air. When Gelu insists they be let down, Irnakk and Takanuva Stars capture them, bringing out Tahu Mata. Upon seeing Lewa Mata hanging from a Visorak web on the ceiling of the Kitchen, Tahu Mata realizes that he's STILL dreaming. When he wakes up, he's tied to a pole with Lewa Mata, Tahu Stars, and Takanuva Stars, when ALMIGHTY arrives himself, though he is quickly killed by Zaktan.

In the final chapter, Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars successfully manage to beat Fire Lord into the time machine thanks to advice from Pridak and Zaktan; Nex 2.0 is shoved in too, though only after killing half of the Toa Mistika. The Hero Factory set manages to pull in Tahu Mata, Tahu Stars, Lewa Mata, and Takanuva Stars as well, leaving six fates unknown....

Deleted ScenesEdit

“So, how did the repairs go?” Tahu Mata asked as he, Strakk, Lewa Mata, and Maxilos sat around a table, discussing several very boring matters.

“Perfect.” Maxilos replied. “It’s as if the battle never happened.”

“Good.” Tahu Mata nodded. “But, that figure that appeared....”

“He said his name as ALMIGHTY.” Strakk told him.

“ALMIGHTY?” Tahu Mata questioned. “Kapurkar and another creation were duking it out here before then; Kapurkar mentioned someone by that name.”

“Yeah, he said something about ruling comedies and whatever.” Strakk finished.

“He... sounds really dumb.”

“I know, right?”

“Before you guys boast about how weak he is,” Lewa Mata interrupted. “It looked like he was created from the creations; he’s even bigger then Flynn was.”

Tahu Mata gulped. “Right. Anyone know how we can defeat him?”

“No, but I know who might.” Maxilos responded. “Zaktan’s been acting really weird lately; I suspect he may know more then he’s telling.”

“Is that skakdi even a set anyways?!” Strakk exclaimed. “He lost everything but his spine and head, and yet he’s still alive! He just floats around through the air!”

“Yeah, that is kinda creepy.” Lewa Mata replied, scratching his head. “That’s certainly pointing to him knowing about ALMIGHTY. If you look, his parts don’t even look like parts anymore.”

“That’s because he’s just a head and spine.” Tahu Mata said dismissively. “Go and find Zaktan; bring him to me. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Oh yeah, there’s one other thing.” Strakk told him. “Vultraz and several other matoran are missing.”


“Yeah, we’re not sure exactly.” Strakk continued. “We do know that Vultraz was accompanied by Ahkmou, Takua and Pewku, Dalu, Tehutti, Kazi, and Garan.”

“And nobody knows where they went?”

“Nope.” Strakk shook his head. “Vanished during the battle. We assumed they were dead, but the script didn’t-”

“What script?” Tahu Mata asked.

“What?”Strakk glanced at him.

“The... nothing, continue.” Tahu Mata sighed.

“Anyways, we couldn’t find their pieces anywhere, and Tahu Stars said he hadn’t either, so yeah.” Strakk concluded.

“I see. Well, go get me Zaktan. We don’t have time to chase after missing matoran.” Tahu Mata ordered. “But try and find where they might have exited the house, at least.”

- Tahu Mata, Lewa Mata, Strakk, and Maxilos discussing various issues. (Chapter 7, Draft 1)


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-Several events in Invasion haven't occured in the main comedy but are canon; Special #3 takes place during the Guest Star chaos, before the matoran enter the time machine, and the deleted scene with Tahu Mata, Lewa Mata, Maxilos, and Strakk meeting in Chapter 7 is also canon.

-Season 2 is the only season so far to get two different banners (with two main storylines within the season). On the first banner, Von Nebula and Tahu Mata are seen, despite the fact that during those chapters, Tahu Stars got more time in the spotlight. One the second banner, Nex 2.0 and Tahu Stars are seen, but Tahu Mata is the one with more screen time during those chapters.