Special Chapters are specials released every now and then by iBrow, along with the PSAs and Interviews. So far there have been three, and the fourth is in planning

Special #1 - The Fourth WallEdit

Tahu Stars does his best to destroy the fourth wall; he is corrected by Takanuva Stars, who points out he is attempting to destroy the third wall, and points him to a wall with the number four on it. Pridak and Mantax soon reveal that they painted the four on there to trick him, and in his fury, Tahu Stars successfully ends up truly breaking the fourth wall.

Notes: Originally planned as the second PSA, it ended up becoming a special instead.

Special #2 - More JellybeansEdit

Several matoran are eating different jellybeans; Ahkmou joins them, just as Garan and Tehutti break out on a rant about how the others are being racist by disliking the black jellybeans. The two of them fall off the counter, and Dalu ends up shoving a fistful of black jellybeans down Velika's throat. Ahkmou pulls a random jellybean out of the bag to determine the best jellybean at all, and it ends up being a black one.

Notes: The only special chapter (including PSAs and Interviews) that has ever been a sequel to something in the main comedy. This special was a sequel to Chapter 2 of Invasion, titled Jellybeans.

Special #3 - Vultraz and Ahkmou's Excellent AdventureEdit

Coming Soon.