Although it is a prototype image, Tahu Stars can still be seen at the front. Directly behind him his second in command, Takanuva Stars, can be seen.

The ArmyEdit

This army was created moments after the Stars sets were all built. Because he was a remake of Tahu Mata, Tahu Stars felt that he should be the new -permanent- leader of the Bionicles. Attempting to take control by force, Tahu Stars succeeded in getting half of the Bionicles to follow him; however, it caused a rift between the Bionicles, starting a Civil War. Since then, the army has had a run of bad luck, the most recent event of which was Hero Factory and the Guest Stars bombarding the Kitchen.

Known MembersEdit


Tahu Stars (Leader); Alive

Takanuva Stars (2nd in Command); Alive

Gresh Stars; Alive

Nektann Stars; Alive

Rahkshi Stars (#s1-27); 14 Still Alive

Skrall Stars (#s1-15); 7 Still Alive, 2 Traitors


Perditus w/ Thornatus V9; Alive

Crotesius w/ Cendox V1; Alive


Takanuva Mistika; Alive

Tahu Mistika; Alive

Gali Mistika; Alive

Onua Mistika; Alive

Lewa Phantoka; Deceased

Kopaka Phantoka; Alive

Pohatu Phantoka; Deceased


Pridak; Alive

Mantax; Alive

Nuparu Mahri; Alive

Matoro Mahri; Alive

Ehlek; Alive

Kalmah; Alive

Takadox; Alive

Carapar; Alive (Honorary Member)


Kazi; Alive (Currently lost in the future)

Irnakk; Alive

Brutaka; Alive

Garan; Alive (Currently lost in the future)

Umbra; Deceased

Dalu; Alive (Currently lost in time)

Velika; Alive


Sidorak; Deceased

Roodaka; Deceased

Toa Hagah Iruini; Deceased

Toa Hagah Norik; Deceased


Matau Metru; Alive

Ahkmou; Alive (Currently lost in time)

Tehutti; Alive (Currently lost in time)

Nuju Metru; Alive

Nuju Metru v2; Deceased


Rahkshi Kaita Vo (#s 1-11); 11 Still Alive

Vorahk (#s 1-27); 11 Still Alive

Kurahk (#s 1-27); 14 Still Alive

Turahk (#s 1-27); 13 Still Alive

Lerahk (#s 1-27); 9 Still Alive

Guurahk (#s 1-27); 15 Still Alive

Panrahk (#s 1-27); 9 Still Alive

Main CharactersEdit

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