Tahu vs. Tahu: The Tournament was a side-comedy released by iBrow after the completion of Season 2: Invasion. The Tournament itself is set up similarly to the NHL Stnaley Cup Playoffs; Tahu Mata's Army takes the place of the Eastern Conference, while Tahu Stars' Army takes the place of the Western Conference.

Round 1: The QuarterfinalsEdit

Current Victories (Strikeout Indicates the Loser):

Maxilos (1st) vs. Tahu Nuva (8th)

Tahu Mata (2nd) vs. Tarix (7th)

Irnakk (1st) vs. Kazi (8th)

Takanuva Stars (2nd) vs. Nuju Metru (7th)
Matchups - Round 1

The first round matchups: Tahu Mata's Army replaces the NHL Eastern Conference on the left.