Season 1 - Civil War

The banner for Civil War, the very first season of Tahu vs. Tahu. Since the end of Civil War, it has been used as the official Tahu vs. Tahu logo. Like all the Tahu vs. Tahu banners, this one was made by the BZP member Cherixon.

Welcome to the Tahu vs. Tahu WikiEdit

In case you're wondering, you can find the actual Tahu vs. Tahu comedy in the link provided.

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In this wiki, you will find all sorts of info on the characters, seasons, events, and side stories of Tahu vs. Tahu, as well as trivia about each.

Current News (Comedy)Edit

The epilogue is up. It's over.

However, there is a sequel in the works!

The seasons:

  • Season 1: Civil War
  • Season 2: Invasion
  • Season 3: Aftermath
  • Season 4: Deconstruction

Current News (Wiki)Edit

The wiki is being updated once again! We apologize for the hiatus!

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