Takanuva Stars
Affiliation: Tahu Stars
Occupation: 2nd in Command
First Appearance: Civil War, Chapter 1
Last Appearance: Invasion, Chapter 10
Colours: White, Grey, Silver
Status: Missing
Home Base: Bedroom(Formerly), Kitchen

Creation and Life: 2010-2011Edit

Takanuva Stars was built by both Takanuva and Takanuva Mistika. When Tahu Stars and Tahu Mata went to war against each other, he joined Tahu Stars and was named as his second in command. He isn't very active in the war; Tahu Stars prefers to be in the field, so Takanuva Stars acts mosty as a back-up leader.

Important Events:

2010 - Built; becomes Tahu Stars' second in command and enters the war against Tahu Mata and Hero Factory.

2011 - War with Tahu Mata and Hero Factory continues.


Like any sensible Bionicle, Takanuva Stars has his close allies.

1. Tahu Stars

2. Nektann Stars

3. Gresh Stars

4. Takanuva Mistika

5. Pridak

6. Mantax

7. Takadox

8. Kazi

9. Ahkmou

10. Irnakk


Come on; everybody has them, you know it!

1. Tahu Mata

2. Lewa Mata

3. Maxilos

4. Takanuva

5. Tahu Nuva

6. Zaktan

7. William Furno (Formerly; Deceased)

8. Von Nebula (Formerly; Deceased)

9. Nex 2.0

10. Fire Lord

11. ALMIGHTY (Formerly; Vanished)


-Takanuva Stars was built by Takanuva; however, despite the fact that he was both built by him and is a remake of him, Takanuva Stars is arch-rivals with the original Takanuva, due to them being on opposite armies.