Affiliation: Tahu Mata
Occupation: Eternal Annoyance
First Appearance: Civil War, Chapter 1
Last Appearance: N/A
Colours: Metru Green, Voya Gold
Status: Alive
Home Base: Bedroom(Formerly), Spare Bedroom

Creation and Life: 2006-2011Edit

Zaktan was built immediately upon arrival, and was the leader of the Piraka. He pledged eternal allegiance to Tahu Mata, which has recently come back to haunt him. He often attempted to break into the basement to fight the Vezons, but was unsuccessful on every occasion. Since the beginning of the civil war, Zaktan has been a member of Tahu Mata's army. He didn't have a very large part in the war originally, but since the invasion by Hero Factory, he's come into the spotlight more frequently.

Important Events:

2006 - Built; repeatedly tries (and fails) to get into the basement.

2007 - Discovers the Barraki's time machine, and is forced to keep it quiet.

2009 - Nearly kills Vezok by accident by throwing him out a window.

2010 - Joins the war against Tahu Stars and Hero Factory.

2011 - Is killed by Rotor, but comes back to life and turns immortal.


Zaktan has made a couple allies, though he isn't a very big player in the war... or at least, he wasn't before. Now that he can't die, Zaktan has suddenly become much, much braver and reckless.

1. Tahu Mata

2. Lewa Mata

3. Strakk

4. Hakann

5. Pridak


Zaktan doesn't have too many enemies... he made most of them just recently.

1. Tahu Stars

2. Vezok

3. Vezon w/ Fenrakk

4. Vezon w/ Kardas

5. Irnakk

6. All of Hero Factory (except for maybe Rotor and Meltdown)

7. All of Hero Factory 3.0 (especially Nex)



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